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If you want to start a business then there's one thing that you hands down absolutely have to have!

You're wondering what it is aren't you?  

Well I'll tell you.  You need a plan.  And not just any plan you need a business plan.  No, the business plan to end all business plans!  But your business plan wouldn't be complete without your perfect person persona, otherwise known as your client avatar or ideal client.

This mini course is FOR you if:

  • You need help developing a plan for your business
  • You're new in business and you want to set yourself up for succes. 
  • You need help clearly setting out what you want from your business in a clear and practical way.

This mini course is NOT for you if:

  • You are not committed to succeeding in your business 
  • You are not interested in self devleopment 
  • You have no intention of puttng in the work to get what you want for your business

Business Building Blocks is an introductory course and is ideal if you want to test out your business idea.  There is a more extensive course available, called Business to Boardroom which includes even more resources, tutorials and bonuses.  But this course is a great introduction into planning for your business.  

Who am I ?

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Hey, I'm Lucille Roache and I'm a Business & Career Coach.  But what does that mean?  It means that I help goal getters like you to find happiness in your professional life, by helping you to identify a new career path or start a new business.

And when I say help, I mean, support and guide.  I help you when you get stuck and help you to find solutions to become unstuck, set realistic goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals.  

Here's what you get inside Building Blocks to Business 

Introduction: Why you need a business plan 

This will provide you with an overview of why it is essential to have a business plan if you're serious about your business.  

Part One: Building your busines plan 

In this lesson you'll start to build your business plan and create goals to support your business. 

Part two: Perfect person Persona 

What is the perfect person, is it even possible and why do you need one?  In short, you cannot have a successful business if you don't know who your target market is.  After this course you will know who your perfect person is and how to communicate with them in a language that they will understand.  


Done for you templates
Video tutorials
Transcripts of each video 
2 months of email support 

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Package price 

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  • x2 in-depth video tutorials 
  • PDF templates 
  • Transcript of the tutorials 

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